I have wanted to write short plays for a long time. In fact I began writing a radio play back in 1986 and although I never finished it, I still plan to dig out the manuscript from the box where it has been resting all these years and return to work on it. The name of that play is 'The End of the Road' and I turned it into a short story many years ago, but the play version will be much deeper and richer in the way it explores the themes. Yes, I really believe I will complete it soon, 32 years after I began it.

My dream to write plays has always been one that I have taken very little action to turn into reality, I don't know why. I wrote a play and submitted it for a competition a few years ago. It didn't win, but I also turned that one into a short story ('The Modesty Men') that was published in one of my books. I don't see myself turning any of the plays I will write in the future into short stories, but I can see myself adapting into plays some of the stories I have already written.

Anyway, I intend to keep a list of all the plays that I write here, when I have finished writing them. As can be seen, at the moment this list stands at 27 plays written. This total will go up soon, I hope, as I have been turning over ideas and scenarios in my mind recently and it can't be long before I commit them to paper in the form of plays. If the titles are active links they will take you to the book of mine in which they first appeared. (Note: The play 'A Big Hand' was written in collaboration with Vatsala Radhakeesoon).

* The Handbag Inquisitor
* Dust: or Human Jigsaws
* I Boil the Statistic Overshoe
* Fewer Not Less
* Three Log Fire

* As a Man Grows Colder
* Yesferatu
* The Letters of the Alphabet
* Don't Shoot the Messenger
* One Short
* The God of Atheism
* The Highwayman
* A Big Hand
* Good Morning!
* All Things Nice

* The Universal Set
* Dr Oxygen and Mr Hydrogen
* The Modesty Men
* The Wallah
* The Dessert Isle

* Like a Rhino Cowboy
* Balconies
* Pandemonium 

* The Plane Play
* Twiddling
* Uneasy Rider: or How Purple was my Sage
* Three Friends

I am also building up a list of the titles of plays that I intend to write, as follows:

The End of the Road
Luxury Item Island
Earthward Mango
Bleeding Lorna
The String Theory of Women
Play on Words
Logic and the Monsters
The Fuckquanauts
Cop Hospital
The Passionate Asperity
Molly and Dolly
The Latent Heat of Michael Fish
Flapjack the Ripper
The Dangle Custard
The Goat, the Bread and the Ugali
Some Kind of Wiseguy
Terrifying Fractal Cats
The Saga of the Chronicles of the Annals of Doodah
Hobbila Hossibal
The Knights of the Möbius Table
The Blithering Genius
You Dig, Buster?
The Missing Colours
Top Hats Indoors
The Early Life of Grunter Forsythe
Archy and his Discovery
Mongoose in Eden
The Bat Monkey of Rango
Lucy and Tighty
An Almost Impossible Problem


In the meantime, here is a list of titles for stories that I plan to write in order to complete my cycle of 1000 stories. Not all of them will be used as the titles of individual stories. Some will be the titles of subsections of stories. Others may even be used as the titles of books or plays or articles. Who knows? I will find out when I find out. Anyway, here they are:

Titles of Unwritten Stories

The Consuming Angel
The Preserving Pool
The Gnats of Twilight
A Suitable Donor
The Interior Designer
The Coral Bead
The Senile Pagodas
Wheel of Beasts
Poppadam and Circumstance
Apple Ubu
The Swedish Pharaoh
The Solar Weavers
Djinn Septic
Paper City
Occam’s Beard
The Extra-Haunted Dolls’ House
Abaddon in Abydos
Pepper on the Ginger Star
An Awfully Bubonic Adventure
The Sunken World Above
The Mutant Zodiac
Angels and Demons
Wuthering Depths
The Amber Fountain
The Once and Future Peasant
The Land of Tears
The Aching Soul of Solomon the Cobbler
The Sky Saw
The Burning Bones
The Krachlie
The Pointed Star
The Journey of Mountain-Hawk
The Pit of Baal
Dribble as I Dawdle
Our Lady of the Ice Floes
The Elephant of Verona
Boolp the Broker
The Critics
Alan Griffin’s Misadventure
Fists of Fleece
The Nine Billion Names of Tinker Bell
Time and a Word
The Tale of the Tongue
The Infringing Lanterns
Agilulf in Yondo
The Roof on the Floor
The Ace of Clouds
A Brand Old Universal Futurology of Infamy
The Worn Out Cliché Machine
Rip Van Winkle and Juliet
Dynamiting the Honeybun
Mandeville World
Five Weeks in a Toy Balloon
Back to Front
Tropic of Nonsense
The Fruit Pastille City
The Dream Chapati of Tarquin Platt
Portrait of a Landlady
Bedsteads Across Iberia
Soft Wine
Hannah and her Cisterns
Gulliver in Gwalia
Nat King Cole Abhors a Vacuum
Tarzan on Helium
The Unvoiced Complaints of Kika Puffus
Everywhere in Chains
Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Minor Disturbance
Whoops a Buttercup
Gin and Chthonic
The Tart Rejoinder
Shadrach, Meshach and Winnebago
The Cheesy Smile of Bethany Kraker
The Bean Counter
Pell Mell in Pall Mall
On the Fiddle
The Housepainter
Samba and Snow
The Biscuit Viziers of the Tongue Sultan
Popov the Anarchist
Klandide: or Pessimism
The Mellotron
The Galactic Kitchen Sink
The Size of Wales
The Barque of Bightos
The Elephantine Doggerel of Mouserian Catullus
Exchange and Martina
The Three Known Films of Jerome Kluster
The Utopian Chronicles
The Devil’s Halo
The Nebula Eye
Inspired in Spired Citadels
From Dublin to Lublin
The Reign of the Karcist
Oddity O’Clock
The Blues Buddhas
The Three Imp Posters
Robots with Abacus Minds
Playing Card World
Typo in Tytle
Against the Gran
Thirteen Castles South
The Darbuka Nuns
Poe Pourri
He Felt a Ghost so he Stole it
Sorry I’m Late, Sir: Barnacles
The Molten Wanderers
Down, Cerberus!